3 Occasions When Haven Speciality Coffee Is The Perfect Event Hire Space

Haven Specialty Coffee venue

Haven Speciality Coffee is the perfect hire cafe in Sydney. We offer full venue hire and catering, and our capacity can reach 60 people, including both the indoor and outdoor area. With our cafe event space for hire, you get complete access to WiFi, a sound system, Spotify, air-conditioning and even a piano!

So, if you’ve got an event coming up and you’re looking for a stylish and modern cafe event place in Sydney that’s located close to Central Station, Haven Speciality Coffee is the place to go!

Here are three occasions that are the perfect fit for our hire cafe in Sydney:

Haven Venue Hire

1. A Birthday

Events like birthdays, where family and friends come together to celebrate a loved one, require an intimate but fully-equipped cafe event place in Sydney.

If you provide your own catering, our venue hire is $100 an hour. Or, if you want us to provide catering for you, we charge $30-$50 per head, on-top of the $100 an hour for the venue hire.

Our catering is ideal for close-knit events like birthdays. We offer a variety of canapés, pastries and sandwiches. We can accommodate to all diets as we have gluten-free and dairy-free options available. We can also provide an array of beverages, or you’re free to BYO!

 Birthdays call for music, and at Haven you will have complete access to the full Spotify library, our big sound system and our piano! Enjoy a party with us - it’ll be a day to remember.

Haven Specialty Coffee Venue hire

2. A Meeting/Conference

If you require a private space to hold a meeting or small conference where you can enjoy great coffee and a modern aesthetic, Haven Speciality Coffee is the perfect place for you.

We can seat up to 60 people but can arrange the space according to the size of your party.

We can provide beverages for your guests - including our famous coffees as well as teas, hot chocolates, juices, etc.

Hire the space for one or two hours (however long you require) and relax! We’ll make your meeting run as smoothly as possible.

Slayer Steam NSW launch event at Haven Specialty Coffee

Slayer Steam NSW launch event at Haven Specialty Coffee

 3. A Professional Function

Our cafe space is located in central Sydney - right opposite Central Station - meaning that business and industry professionals can quickly get to us. This means our cafe space is ideal when it comes to holding a professional function, and with full access to our facilities and catering services, what’s keeping you back?