What makes a great Australian breakfast menu?

‘It’s not a Benedict’ by Haven

‘It’s not a Benedict’ by Haven

Breakfast and brunch in Sydney are on another level. There are so many great restaurants and coffee shops, each offering wonderful cafe menu ideas for breakfast. But with so much choice available, it’s sometimes difficult to choose where to eat. So to help make that choice a little easier, let’s take a look at what exactly makes the ultimate Australian breakfast menu.

The Classics

You can come up with all the cafe menu ideas for breakfast in the world, but without the traditional Aussie staples in there, it just won’t quite hit the spot. This, of course, means sourdough toast, poached eggs, smashed avo and any combination of the above.

‘The Heirloom’ by Haven Specialty Coffee

‘The Heirloom’ by Haven Specialty Coffee

Vegan Options

Consumers today are selective about what they eat and they expect restaurants and cafes to keep up. Having a diverse range of dishes including healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options (like home-made vegan granola) shows that a cafe is keeping up with the times and cares about its customers.

Guilty Pleasures

If you’re looking for cafe menu ideas for breakfast, then you absolutely must include a few cheeky indulgences. Though Sydney customers are generally health-conscious, we all love a little guilty pleasure once in a while. So the best breakfast and brunch menus will of course have the super lean granola bowls and superfood salads, but will also include delightful and mouthwatering delicacies like lemon meringue egg waffles and croque monsieur. Yum!

Added Extras

Nobody likes being told no, especially when it comes to their favourite food. So while the best breakfast menus will have a diverse range of mouthwatering dishes on offer, they will also have a range of optional extras so that customers can add all their favourite treats to their meals. So if you want your omelette with a side of halloumi, you should be able to have just that!

‘Filter coffee’ by Haven Specialty Coffee

‘Filter coffee’ by Haven Specialty Coffee

Great Coffee

No breakfast or brunch experience is complete without your favourite coffee. The best brunch places will take their time to get your coffee order exactly how you like it. Because when it comes to that first coffee of the day, why settle for anything less than perfection?

Feeling hungry?

If all this talk of food has made your mouth water, head on down to Haven Specialty Coffee now for a breakfast fit for a king!